Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 20th!

A great weekend to celebrate the 20th.
Jacob and Dad just hanging, saving the table.

Here is Terry and Becky from the polka band, Barefoot Becky

Denny, my buddy, came to the Hessen Haus

Ashley starting the glowstick bracelets
Helping Mel with her bracelet
Paige came
Then we danced, with Grace and Kelsey
and Denny

Then on Sunday we had my party with cake, ice cream and presents!

Angela, me, Andrew, Maria and Denny doing a puzzle

According to Jeremy, a dog yawns when he is confused, so a lighted birthday cake must be confusing to Monty

My cousing Andrew lit the candles and helped me blow them out

Paige got me some new Flash cards


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Margaret will be 20 tomorrow

A full weekend of Margaret's favorite things and people.  I will post pictures when I get a minute or 2.  She is still having daily seizures, for the most part, and I did talk with Jeremy the trainer about the video I sent in of what Monty and Emma are doing.  He had some advice, but I think at this point I just don't know if believe either of these dogs will get it.  This morning Monty had to be prompted again.  I tried to ignore Emma, but she is getting it as soon as I ask Monty to bark. 

I have not heard back from the dr in Chicago, so that phone call has to be made again tomorrow.  Soooo frustrating.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's been a very tough week

For starters, we have seen more seizures in this past week than we can remember in a LONG time.  All in all, it has made for a tremdous lack of sleep and well being.  Since Jan 25th Margs has had 3 prolonged seizures, 15 minutes or more.  Various and sundry other seizures, and all during sleep.  The prolonged have been during the day, so I was able to video tape and try to get what the dog(s) are doing during a seizure.  Which is nothing without prompting.  Video burned on to a DVD and off to 4 Paws for trainer evaluation to see if there is any fix.  The most recent seizure, brief, but none the less causing the flashlight to be on and magnet to be swiped, was reacted to by Monty with nothing.  As I tried to get him excited and involved, he barely lifted his head from the bed and gave me a look as if I woke his beauty sleep.  This is causing some mild depression in me, since I've been down this road before.  I am letting go as much as I can and letting God.  That is all, at this point, I can do.

As for seizure control, hmm, that is also very hard.  Steve is ready to jump on the more med band wagon, and I am very hesitant.  She does have a cold, so I am pointing to that for the reason.  We shall see in 2 more weeks where we stand.