Thursday, July 31, 2008

My New Dog's Name is Emma!

Oh my! I'm so excited, I got my email from Emma today, she has been working hard to be the best dog ever for me. Here is what she wrote:

My name is Emma, and my sister Ginger is already working as a seizure assistance dog with a boy named Dylan. she got to leave in the last class. You know they brought her a pillow to lay on and I think I even saw her is a pink rain coat. Will you bring me something nice. You see I was so hoping for a girl to love. I am a bit like Piper only a lot sturdier LOL I like Pink and I can't wait to be you best girl friend and sit around and talk about all those girl things like about which boys are cute and what color nail polish is the best color and what we should wear to school tomorrow and well anything else that girls talk about. Well, okay, I have no idea, I have not had a very best girl friend before so will you show me the ropes? Hurry up and get here because I have been working very hard. I know just what you smell like and bet I could pick you out in a crowd without every having set eyes on you! Love and doggie kisses, Emma

PS: Karen said she will send a more current picture tomorrow!