Sunday, September 14, 2008

Emma loves dogs

Emma loves dogs. She is doing well with Molly, my yellow lab who is 13 and just had major surgery on Monday to remove a 4 pound tumor and her spleen. Molly is recovering well, and the tumor was full of blood and not cancer. We are all very happy.

Emma likes to play at Paige's house, she is one of my favorite caregivers. Her dad, Denny is my buddy, and he is the vet who did Molly's surgery, he found the tumor.

This picture is Emma with Diesel, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy, and Emme, a Chihuahua, and they live at Paige's house.

Emma on the Bus

Emma goes to Valley High School

Yes, its true, Emma is now a fixture at Valley High School, the home of Margaret and world famous Shawn Johnson, although Shawn hasn't been to school yet. Emma has been hanging out with Margs, going on her walk in the hallways, been to PE, and even been on the bus to SuperTarget and Walmart. She gets to sleep with Margs during nap time, and has a little kennel time during foods class. Lets just hope she starts figuring out seizure alert. We are still working on that. Maybe we'll make some new shirts.