Monday, June 14, 2010

Miss Marino, Molly and Baby Parker visit

Margs was so happy to hold baby Parker.  He is such a beautiful baby, and oh that hair!  He fussed and talked and liked to be jiggled.  Then, when I laid him down he fell right to sleep.  When it was time for them to go, Kim picked him up for a photo shoot, and to let Margs hold him.  He stayed asleep.  There is nothing quite like a sleeping baby.

Miss Marino (Kim) was Margs one-on-one for a while in elementary school, then in the transition to middle school, and then at high school.  She also did respite care for us.  Molly is Kim's daughter.  Molly spent lots of time with Margs, and is actually 7 months younger.  Molly now lives in Phoenix, and has a little girl of her own, Kim.  Margs was so happy to see them all, and all I could see from her was love to these women.  The love of Christ.  No matter what decisions they had made in life, and Molly has made some decisions and done some things that many of us would never condone.  But Margs knows nothing of that, she just sees Molly.  Like Christ sees us.  It was a huge lesson for me.