Monday, October 27, 2008

Emma still going to school

Here I am bringing Emma out of school. She goes on Community Training with me. On Friday she actually pooped in the Mall. OOOPs.
Molly goes in the car sometimes on the way to school, she doesn't like to be left behind. She is healing up well.

Emma hangs out

Here are some more pics of Emma, hanging out on the couch, and sitting on the steps.

Here's how beautiful Maegan looked at her wedding, her dress was a beautiful white. She gave me a big hug. I miss her.

Margs does the chicken dance


I got to go to Maegan's wedding on October 4th at Lake Panorama. The day was beautiful, and Mom and Dad and Emma went too. Maegan was so beautiful. I asked her if she would do the chicken dance with me, and she did! I had a great time. Emma was very nervous most of the time, too many people and too much excitement.