Thursday, April 16, 2009

She's coming home!

Mom talked to Jeremy yesterday, and we are going to adopt Emma! She is booked on a flight tomorrow night and we will go to the airport and pick her up around 9 pm. Please pray her flights are safe and she is happy to see us. We have not seen her for 4 weeks, it has been a long time. We are so excited to get her back.

They are training a new dog for us at 4 Paws, we don't know yet when we go back, but it will be August or September.

On a sad note, Molly had a stroke on Saturday. On Sunday she could not walk, but today she is walking, eating, drinking and giving kisses. She just can't do the stairs anymore, so that's more work for Mom. Maybe Emma can help her get better. Molly is 13 and 1/2, so she has been with us a long time.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Emma is at 4 Paws

Emma in her crate on the road back to Ohio

Left: Emma with Baby Savannah, Dylan's sister
T0p: Emma and Yoko, Dylan's dog
Bottom: Emma looks outside our
front door for the last time
Here are some pictures Mom took of Emma on her last days with her. She is settling into the training center at 4 Paws, and I've talked to Jeremy twice. We miss her so much. People are so kind and ask where my dog is, and we have to say she went back to Ohio. We are still holding on to the hope she can come back and live with us. It is hard to describe how much we miss her, and we hope she is doing ok. Our little Emma. We hope to know something in a few more weeks, after Jeremy has more time to evaluate her.
There is alot of hope going on in our house.