Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A shift in authors

Mom is taking over the blogging, in her voice, since she seems to have more to share and vent.

The seizure work with Monty is, well, the same.  I spoke with the trainer last night.  Gonna keep hoping, praying and working on it.  Margs had a 20 minute plus seizure on Monday, in the daylight hours, during her nap.  Both dogs were there, and I had to prompt to bark.  The 2 most confusing things are that I notice no intense sniffing, and when Margs does a "fake" seizure and shakes her arms, he will bark right away, but the real deal, he has to be prompted.  We have to work on letting him figure this out, but its very frustrating.

Here is a picture of Margs and Ashley in August at the Iowa State Fair.  WE love to go and see Hairball.  They are a very silly band from Minneapolis that does 70's and 80's and even current hair band songs.
 They are very good.  One of Margs must do's at the fair is to get her face painted.  That's a rainbow on the right side of her face, and I think on the other side she chose a spider.

Here is Margaret's Dad, Steven being sworn in as Mayor of West Des Moines for his second term.  He's the one on the left.  This happened on Dec. 28, 2010.
Here is Margs Grandma K and her cousin Grace, celebrating Grandma's birthday.  Uncle Craig is cut in 1/2 on the left

Here is the snow outside the door she goes into at school  Notice that it is the same height as the door.  It will take forever for this to melt.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A new year

Just a quick update.  3 seizures over the weekend, on Sat. night at 10pm, one Sunday afternoon at 12:30pm and one Monday am at 4:19.  Nothing from Monty. 

Today after school while I had my snack my Mom had me shake my arms.  He barked, so we kept doing it, shaking, barking and treating.  Silly dog.

He loves the snow.

Happy New Year everyone.