Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 New Year, New life to come

On New Years day we got to go visit Baby Eli.  He is Ryan and Ruthie's new son, and Margs loved going to their wedding.

He is a beautiful baby and just so sweet.

On Feb. 15, Margs will be 21.  Her last year of school.  Wondering what the future holds with this girl who can never be alone.  Who has a great service dog that just doen't get seizure work.  The investigation begins on what she can do doing the day.  She will live with us, for as long as we are able and can find great help, like the help God has blessed us with so far.  They maintain our sanity.  So many nights are interruped sleep, I'm not sure how Steve is able to work all day long. 

Last Friday, she had early out from school.  She and Mel were up taking a nap, and I heard the bark.  It was Emma.  I raced up the stairs, cause that's Emma's seizure bark.  Sure enough, big ol seizure, and Emma barked twice.  Monty just lies on the bed and wonders.  So, excitement, treats and love.  Emma gets it, cause she is so treat motivated.  Monty isn't, so he's not so excited.  I'm still hoping it will come. 

Pastor Mike's sermon last night centered on HOPE.  When we lose our hope, we lose everything.

Have a great 2011.

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I'm hoping for you too. And so glad you have good help right now.